Central Idaho Amateur
Radio Club
CIARC Meeting Minutes - February 2012
Meeting Minutes - February 2012

Attending Members:

AD7IW Tim Bailey
W7LCC David McQuade
KB7BVR Kermit Peterson
KF7JPJ Bob Renn
KE7KQE Martin Tushkowski
W7CIA Ray Montagne
KB7BVS Philip Good

Agenda Items
  1. Membership Report.
    • Welcome New Members
      • Steve Forrey (KC7SRF)
    • Number of members in good standing:
      • It was reported that there are 13 members in good standing.
    • Number of renewals outstanding
      • There are 7 members who have not renewed their CIARC membership for 2012.
    • Missing Member Data
    • Should the membership application be updated to indicate station capabilities with a goal of supporting public service event planning? Note that disclosure is not mandatory and intends only to disclose capabilities and not detailed equipment inventory (see example handout).
      • The membership expressed no objection to adding fields to the application form to indicate station capabilities as long as such information is optional.
      • It was suggested that additional optional capabilities be listed:
        • Solar Power
        • Generator
    • Questions regarding the roster posted to the web page:
      • Should the web roster remove members who have not paid their dues?
        • It was decided that past members who have not renewed their dues by March 31 will be removed from the roster at that time.
      • Should a grace period be imposed, and if so, how long?
        • Members not in good standing will be retained on the roster until March 31.
      • Does the membership want to have a '.pdf' copy of the full roster (i.g. including contact information) posted as a downloadable document on the web page?
        • Discussion centered on making a secure distribution. Ray Montagne - W7CIA was to research software capabilities to determine if the roster can be password protected. The result of that research is that the roster can be password protected. A password protected '.pdf' copy of the roster will be posted to the web-site and a distribution of the password will be provided by broadcast email.
      • Does the membership want to have a '.pdf' copy of the full roster delivered by email?
        • Resolution pending the outcome of the task outlined in the previous question.
  2. Treasurer's Report.
    • Open issues from last month's meeting (i.e. check to Kermit Peterson has not cleared. (See last months minutes).
      • Bob Renn - KF7JPJ presented the Treasurer's report:
      • Bob began executing the duties of the office of Treasurer on 5 Jan 2012.
      • Bob received from Kirk the club financial records, check book, account records and $160.00 in cheques and cash.
      • Bob reported reviewing the cheque book accounting record and the chequing account bank rcords and found all records to be in balance. Due to the small amounts of deposits and expenditures, Bob recommend to the membership that the amount of $1200.58 be accepted as accurate as of 5 January 2012.
      • On 12 January 2012, Bob and Martin met with bank officials and transfer of the club account was made to Bob. At that time, the outstanding cheque (See last months minutes) had been cashed (issue resolved) and the current balance at that time resolved to $1200.58. On the same date, Bob deposited the $160.00 plus a second deposit of $15.00 for a total of $175.00 in cash and cheques for dues received for a total account balance of $1375.58.
      • On 30 January 2012, Bob deposited $15.00 in dues, bringing the account balance to $1390.58.
      • On 2 February 2012, Bob issued a cheque to Martin for the amount of $13.00 with the resulting balance of $1377.58.
      • Available Funds: $1377.58
      • Funds Received: $175.00
      • Funds Paid: $13.00
      • Outstanding issues from January have been resolved.
      • All records are in balance
      • Members in good standing: 13
  3. Repeater Report.
    • Cabinet reconfiguration is completed.
    • CTCSS encoder and decoder installation completed.
    • Motorola Micor® squelch gate installation completed.
    • Repeater is operational.
    • 70cm remote base to inter-tie to the 70cm Brundage Mt. repeater has not yet been programmed. Access to an older PC (i.e. slower) is required.
    • On-air testing is in process.
    • Intermittent howling from the TAIT receiver has been observed twice.
  4. Repeater Interim Location Discussion.
    • The club expressed a desire to place the repeater at Kermit's QTH. Kermit indicated that someone would need to volunteer to perform antenna work on the tower.
  5. Rotating Net Control.
    • Martin again expressed a desire to have other club members volunteer to participate as NET control on the weekly club NET.
  6. Winter Carnival.
    • Felicia Tushkowski (KE7KQD), Kirk Eimers (K7KLE), Dave McQuade (W7LCC), Martin Tushkowski (KE7KQE), Ray Montagne (W7CIA), Bob Renn (KF7JPJ), Larry Stokes (N7IBC), Kermit Peterson (KB7BVR) and Tim Bailey (AD7IW) all participated in providing communications for this year's McCall Winter Carnival Parade.
  7. Facebook page needs to be updated to include a link to www.ciarc.org.
    • The club asked Tim Bailey - AD7IW to update the Facebook page to include a link to www.ciarc.org.